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Over a year has passed since the first UK lockdown. Whilst those that have been able to work from home have, some have remained at home whilst on furlough, many other people and industries have been hit hard. Redundancies have been made and many have fell through the gaps of the governments various bail out packages, I mangaged to get work as a Casual Worker for the Royal Mail.  


At our sorting office almost 200 Christmas Casual staff had been employed to deal the extra demands of Chrismas during the Pandemic. Many of these were professional people who had been made redundant or the self employed who were unable to work and graduates and students who currently found themselves in limbo.


We all came together as a team, I personally worked on large tracked parcels and enjoyed the physical labour. The gyms were shut and a shift became our workout. It was hard work and the banter lively, there seemed to be a genuine sense of comradery between the Royal Mail, Casual Staff and Managers and my experience was a positive one.


It was once the second wave of the pandemic hit hard in the January of 2021 that there was a distinct change. The mood became sombre, we were told our manager had contracted covid and had become very ill.